Our Clients

When and why do our clients do business with us?

1. Frustration with their current advisor’s service, products, advice and/or fees.

2. They currently do not have an advisor.

3. The sale or transition of a business or real estate.

4. Receipt of an inheritance or sudden windfall.

5. Death of a spouse or recent divorce or separation.

6. Specific advice is needed for a special needs family member.

7. Complex financial situations.

8. Life, Disability and Long Term Care Insurance needs.

9. A desire to have a sound plan in place for beneficiaries after death.

10. An interest in building a network of professionals in taxation, legal matters, finances, and insurance.

11. They are nearing or in retirement and have a desire for professional asset management, advice and guidance from a trusted advisor.

12. They need guidance or advice regarding a substantial financial matter.

13. Facing retirement and need someone to help manage their investments and guide them through the next chapter of their lives.


*Wells Fargo Advisors is not a legal or tax advisor. Insurance products offered through affiliates.