Are you being sold?

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In any business distinguishing between being sold something and receiving genuine advice in your best interest can be challenging, but there are a few indicators to consider: 

  1. Transparency and Information: If the person providing information is transparent about the product or service, including it's limitations and potential drawbacks, it might signal honest advice. Salespeople tend to focus more on the benefits and might downplay limitations. 
  2. Understanding Your Needs: Genuine advice often involves understanding your specific needs and recommending a product or service that aligns with those needs. If the focus is more on addressing your concerns rather than pushing a particular product, it could be considered advice rather than a sales pitch. 
  3. Pressure and Urgency: Sales tactics often involve creating a sense of urgency or pressure to make a quick decision. If you feel pressured to make a purchase immediately without time for considerations, it could be a sign of a sales pitch. 
  4. Conflict of Interest: Consider the motivations of the person giving the advice. Are they directly benefiting from the sale of the product or service they are recommending? If so, their advice might be biased. 
  5. Comparing Options: An advisor genuinely interested in your best interest might discuss various options, even if it means not selling a particular product. They will present pros and cons and allow you to make informed decision. 
  6. Educational Approach: If the person is focused on educating you rather than convincing you to buy something, it's more likely to be advice in your best interest. 
  7. Their Product: Does the person pitching you offer more than one or two products or product lines or are suggesting something just because it's what they have to offer?

Always trust your instincts and take your time to research and consider the information you're given before making a decision. If something feels off or too good to be true, it might be best to step back and seek advice from a third party or conduct independent research before making a decision. 

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