When and why do our clients do business with us?

  1. Frustration with their current advisor’s service, products, advice and/or fees.
  2. They currently do not have an advisor.
  3. The sale or transition of a business or real estate.
  4. Receipt of an inheritance or sudden windfall.
  5. Death of a spouse or recent divorce or separation.
  6. Specific advice is needed for a special needs family member.
  7. Complex financial situations.
  8. Review of Life, Disability and Long Term Care Insurance needs.
  9. A desire to have a sound plan in place for beneficiaries after death.
  10. An interest in building a network of experts in taxation, legal matters, finances, and insurance.
  11. They are nearing or in retirement and have a desire for professional asset management, advice and guidance from a trusted advisor.
  12. They need guidance or advice regarding a substantial financial matter
  13. We are a fee only Registered Investment Advisor and Fiduciary which means we do not sell any commissionable products and must act in your best interest.

Through proactive education and guidance, we strive to give our clients the confidence that their financial future is in good hands, which enables them to focus on other aspects of their active and complex lives.

Providing investment advice, 401k advisory services, estate planning strategies, and advice on life and long term care insurance, we seek to help create and build upon the foundation for financial success.